Day 47

“My appointed time is near. I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house.’” Matthew 26:18

As we approach the time of Passover, let us remember God’s promise to us, to the generations before us, and to the generations that are to come. The Passover is one of the greatest celebrations that we can embark on as believers. We celebrate the birth and the resurrection, but let us also celebrate how God has rescued us!

Preceding the Exodus, we see that God passed over the homes of the Israelites, sparing His children as he struck down Egyptians living amongst them. It is more than just a day or a feast that we celebrate but an eternal promise; Moses writes that we are to “celebrate this day as a lasting ordinance for the generations to come” (Exodus 12:17). Thousands of years later, we can see just how far we have come along as the disciples went to ask Christ, “Where [he] wants them to make preparations for Him to eat the Passover” (Matthew 26:17). Just as it was commanded in Egypt, the Feast of Passover is celebrated in the same way in the Jewish culture of Christ’s time, with the unleavened bread.

Through the symbolism of this bread, let us rejoice in God’s haste in rescuing us, not only from the Egyptians, but also from the grips of evil by bringing us His Son, Jesus Christ. Let us eat in haste, share in haste, and love one another in haste! Let us quickly join one another in love and unity as we approach the end of the fasting season! Let us anew and proclaim our relationship with Christ and stay true to the words of the Apostle Peter to not disown our Christ but to celebrate Him for the miracles He has blessed us with! God has saved us through the Exodus; He has saved us through sending His Son who died on the cross. Even to this day, He rescues us constantly from a different form of slavery (sin) and gives us freedom to run to Him!

The word that is used frequently in this devotional is celebrate. Let’s not only celebrate and thank God for what He has done for us on the day of Passover, but every day and with every breath!

God Bless and Happy Passover!


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